Finding Fault with God

Finding Fault with God


Just a thought.  Can God win with us?  Is it not odd that people seem to desire to pick a reason to be angry with God?  Some people get angry at God because they think that God does nothing about sinful humanity.  Then, when disasters strike, people desire to say that God is morally corrupt for allowing disasters to strike, or some will even claim that this demotes the legitimacy of a loving, powerful God.  (Consider the protection that God gave to many who prayed in His name throughout the storm.  I think there is great power in the amazing, miraculous stories of protection by prayer that we have heard in Oklahoma.)

The same is true for the Bible.  If certain passages correlate well, some may claim, “Well, the correlation proves that the Bible is in error because the apostles must have worked together to create a work of fiction.”  Then when apparent passages do not correlate, those same people will claim, “Well, that proves that the Bible is erred because there are differences in the text.”  Without looking into the evidence, many will discredit the Bible regardless of what they might find.  Does this really tell us anything about the Bible’s veracity or the skeptic’s bias?

God can’t win with us.  We will complain if bad things happen.  We will complain if bad things do not happen.  We complain if it is too hot.  We complain if it is too cold.  Many skinny people are angry with God because they cannot gain weight.  Many heavier people are angry with God because they cannot lose weight.  Young people want God to speed up time to make them older so that they can have freedom.  Older people want God to reverse time in order to make them younger.  ARE WE EVER HAPPY???

God definitely hears our prayer and answers prayer according to God’s will.  But, let’s try this on for size.  “GOD STILL KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING.”  This does not mean that it is wrong to ask the big questions.  We ask big questions right here on this website.  But, let’s be honest. Many, if not most, of us are not going to be content no matter what comes our way.  However, it does not have to be this way.  At the heart of this mentality is found a flawed theology; a theology that considers that God owes us something.  We are the creations of God and not the other way around.  This does not mean that there are not reasons for God’s allowance of such things.  It may just mean that we might not understand the full impact of such events on this side of eternity, but would that not be what we would expect being finite and God being infinite?  We do not have to live in discontentment.

Through Christ Jesus, we can be content.  Why?  Christ gives us contentment because of the promises that He gives us.  He never told us that life would be easy.  He did not say that the storms would not come.  He promised that He would be with us through the storm.  He never promised that diseases would not raid our bodies.  He promised that He would give us strength to endure.  He did not promise to remove the thorns.  He promised that He would give us roses despite the thorns.  Life is difficult.  In a few weeks, we will seek to provide some basis for understanding natural disasters and things of the sort.  But, I’ll give away one of the answers already.  God promised to be with us through it all.  The One who made the universe, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, the mountains, and the oceans told us, “And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20, NASB).  Through this, we can learn to be content.  Paul wrote, “Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10, NASB).  Through the assurance we have of heaven, one can rest easy.  We can enjoy this life and have the promise of an even more blissful life with God in eternity.  Happiness is fleeting and possessions are temporary, but the contentment that we can find in Christ Jesus is eternal.  Let us thank Him for the blessings of life.  You might just find the Son shine through the midst of your storm.

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Our prayers are with those who suffered in the Oklahoma tornadoes.  To help out those in need, click here to help by way of the American Red Cross.


Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Brian Chilton


2 thoughts on “Finding Fault with God”

  1. Well many of us innocent people out there are still struggling with Loneliness, and when we see that so many others have been Very Blessed By God to have met the love of their life with a family, it really makes us wonder why can’t we have that as well?

    1. Believe me, I understand where you are coming from. I was a single man many years before meeting my wife. Christian apologist Greg Koukl said that he was in his late-40s before marrying. I think one thing that helps is keeping busy and maintaining spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible study, and especially church attendance). Quite frankly, if a church is active, one will find plenty to do and many people with whom to associate. It may not rid you completely of loneliness, but it will help. Who knows? Maybe by engaging in active ministry, you might find your partner. I’ll be praying that you find the one that God intends for you.

      Love in Christ,

      Pastor Brian

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