Signs that the New Atheism May Be Collapsing: Round Two

 mysteries-of-a-dark-universe    In September of 2013, I wrote an article expressing that there were signs that the New Atheist movement may be collapsing. Since then, there have been further indications that atheism in general is collapsing at its core. For instance, agnostic physicist Paul Davies recently wrote, “Scientists are slowly waking up to an inconvenient truth – the universe looks suspiciously like a fix. The issue concerns the very laws of nature themselves. For 40 years, physicists and cosmologists have been quietly collecting examples of all too convenient “coincidences” and special features in the underlying laws of the universe that seem to be necessary in order for life, and hence conscious beings, to exist. Change any one of them and the consequences would be lethal. Fred Hoyle, the distinguished cosmologist, once said it was as if ‘super-intellect has monkeyed with physics” (Broocks 2013, 82). Anthony Flew, Ted Turner (USA Today 2008), and Fox News Democratic commentator Kirsten Powers (Kovacs 2013, are all examples of atheists who have embraced belief in God. For Powers, she has embraced Christianity.

It gets worse for the atheist. Recently, agnostic Thomas Nagel wrote a best-seller entitled Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False. While Nagel does not necessarily embrace theism (it would seem more like pantheistic thought), he does demonstrate how materialist naturalism is false especially in lieu of the existence of consciousness. Nagel’s assessment does not prove theism, but does crack the foundation of the atheist worldview like the iceberg ruptured the hull of the Titanic in 1912.

More and more signs point to the possibility that the universe demands an uncaused Agent (God). It may even be that everything that we think exists could be a hologram (Griggs 2011, 6) from a greater existence. Pretty wild stuff, huh? This would necessitate a higher plane of existence than previously imagined. A hologram would demand something to project it, would it not? Regardless of holograms, the laws of nature and the structure of everything in the universe strongly suggest a programmer. Just as no one would conceive of a computer program without a programmer, fewer individuals are being convinced that the universe came about as the result of blind chance. This is especially important as individuals are handed naturalist ideology in shows like Cosmos on Fox. While these pointers do not necessarily prove theism, they most certainly demerit atheism. The signs are clear…atheism is in trouble. In fact, it is, as suggested, collapsing if not imploding.


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