Welcome to Bellator Christi!!!

Knights Templar Black and White

I have noticed that most apologists and theologians have a title for their websites and/or shows. Since the inception of this site, I have sought out a title that would cover the content of the site. Now, that name has been discovered. The website will now be known as Bellator Christi. “Bellator Christi” is Latin for “Warrior of Christ.” It is this site’s goal to present the case for the Christian faith and to defend those truths. The title Bellator Christi brings forth the spirit of the Christian defender which this site seeks to employ. At this time, the website will keep the domain name of https://pastorbrianchilton.wordpress.com. It may be that at some point that the domain name could reflect the title of the site. If so, it would be so that the pastorbrianchilton.wordpress.com would still work. I will provide updates if such a move should take place. Pray for the ministry of Bellator Christi.

May we all be found to be defenders of the faith,

Pastor Brian Chilton

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