Taking it to the MAT

Greetings loyal reader,

I would like to take a brief moment to describe some changes that will soon take place at Bellator Christi. Since I have finished my masters program, I wish to post more frequently here on the website. I used to wrestle, although very briefly–mainly because I wasn’t very good at it. Nevertheless, I remember the coach saying something like, “Take it to the mat,” telling the wrestlers to practice wrestling. The “mat” referred to the apparatus that was used to wrestle upon. That’s why I would also like to take the ideas that really matter to the MAT. By MAT, I address the following format for the website:

M = Monday Defense. On Mondays, we will discuss issues that defend the faith.

A = Assessment Tuesdays. On Tuesdays, we will assess some aspect of the culture and trends and provide a relevant Christian response.

T = Theology Thursdays. On Thursdays, I will post an article on some issue of theology, teaching what the orthodox Christian church holds (by orthodox, I mean the classic, traditional understandings and not the denomination).

The podcast Redeeming Truth Radio could be aired on a different day, but for now I will keep it on Mondays.

Keep this ministry in your prayers as we try to make an impact for the Kingdom of God.




Pastor Brian


Copyright December 18, 2015. Brian Chilton.

*REVISION: A previous post had switched Mondays and Tuesdays. After further consideration, it was noted that Mondays served as a better day to post apologetic content. Revised December 21, 2015.


2 thoughts on “Taking it to the MAT”

  1. Brian, congratulations on achieving your Master’s Degree.
    This is my first visit to your site, which I linked it through Cross Examined. I have been a patron of Dr. Turek’s work for years. I find that there is none better.
    I appreciate your concise, clear writing style. You are going to do well as a Warrior of Christ.

    1. Thank you John. I agree, Dr. Turek is both an exceptional apologist and man of God. I just finished his book “Stealing from God” and highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you for your kind words. Keep me, my family, and this ministry in your prayers.

      Blessings to you and yours,

      Pastor Brian
      Romans 8:31

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