Can a person be a committed Christian while ignoring apologetics?

Interesting article with an appropriate question for modern Christians. How committed can we truly be as Christians if we are not willing to defend our faith according to the precepts of 1 Peter 3:15?


Ratio Christi event at Ohio State University featuring Frank Turek Ratio Christi event at Ohio State University featuring Frank Turek

I would like to describe a situation that arises frequently that concerns me. The situation I describe below brings out a flaw I see in the way that rank-and-file Christians respond to criticisms of Christianity in the public square.

Here is the situation

Eve is busy programming away at her desk, rushing to check in her unit tests so she can spend her lunch hour reading the latest Stephenie Meyer novel, or check on the schedule for her local sports team, “the Vicariouses” (she has tickets for Thursday). Suddenly Eve hears Alice talking to Bob on the other side of her cubicle. She stops typing to listen to the following unencrypted conversation.

Alice: I was watching a documentary on the Discovery Channel last night that said that the universe has always existed, so there is no God!

Bob: I was…

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4 thoughts on “Can a person be a committed Christian while ignoring apologetics?”

  1. To Everything there is a season…..
    The author never does tell us why Eve is not ready to make a reply. It may be she really does not have any actual faith and religion is something she has done. Or it may be that she is wise and prudent and realizes that intervening in that conversation with those particular people at that particular time will not bear any fruit. She might instead decide to pray and look for an opportunity to develop a relationship with one or both. That might provide an opportunity to share more openly and deeply. 1 Peter seems to infer that we should be ready when someone asks a question of us. It does not follow that every time we hear something amiss that we should speak.

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