How Would You Introduce Your Faith?

Here is a great article by Kenneth Samples on how to introduce one’s faith, with three excellent resources. Check it out!


Have you ever been asked to introduce yourself in a public setting? What if you were asked to introduce your Christian faith to a group of non-Christians—what would you say?

As you think about the question you might consider conveying that the Christian faith is a set of beliefs—but it also involves an important collection of values, and it is also very much a way of life. The Christian faith genuinely encompasses all three of these critical components, with their importance likely in the order given (beliefs, values, way of life).

It is important that a Christian be able to talk about their faith, and not just in terms of their personal relationship with God, as important as that is. Christians should be able to talk in an informed manner about their faith as a historic movement that affirms specific doctrinal truths (Trinity, Incarnation, atonement, resurrection) and embraces an identified…

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