Important Update Concerning the Bellator Christi Podcast

Since 2012, the Bellator Christi Podcast has been on the air (formerly known as Redeeming Truth Radio). However, the podcasting service used to air the podcast (Blog Talk Radio) recently changed their policies concerning smaller podcasts such as mine. This policy change has forced me to research the plans offered by BTR and other podcasting sites. I have been blessed to have free services up until now. I will need to research various plans in order to know which is most economically feasible.

If you enjoy the Bellator Christi Podcast and would like to keep it on BTR, consider becoming a sponsor. If you would like to sponsor the show, contact me on Twitter or Facebook at @Brian_Chilton (Twitter) and/or The Bellator Christi Podcast has reached many with the gospel message. I would encourage you to pray that God would open up a door of opportunity so that the podcast can remain on the air.

Even if the Bellator Christi Podcast must end, the ministry here at will continue, offering weekly articles from yours truly and posts from other authors proclaiming and defending Christian truth. This is only a snag. God will see the ministry through until the end. Pray for the Bellator Christi ministries, where we take up the sword of Christian theology and the shield of classic apologetics.


Pastor Brian Chilton


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