Review of “Love Thy Body” by Nancey Pearcey

By: Jason Kline | February 6, 2018

Pearcey, Nancy. Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2018. $22.99. 336 pages.

Postmodernism is our nation’s current “mood” in how many view the world. Among its many issues, it is sweeping the masses into blind indifference. It is one of them tricky philosophies to adequately frame due to the subjective nature of postmodernism’s core beliefs (subjective rather than objective in nature). I was excited to hear about the upcoming book, “Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality,” by Nancy Pearcey, and jumped on the chance to be part of her launch team. I really had no idea what I was getting into, having only read a brief snippet explaining the contents of the book. But, I was looking to find a single resource that would help me understand and address the times in which we now live. I knew that Nancy Pearcey would not disappoint. However, I did not realize how applicable this book would be to me exposing the influence of Postmodernism even in my own life and views.

Nancy Pearcy, author of “Total Truth,” is an excellent voice speaking to highly relevant and controversial topics our culture is facing today; like the existence of objective truth, abortion, euthanasia, human sexuality, and the transgender movement. I was expecting from Pearcey an all-out assault on Postmodernism as seen in the more secular camp, and she does, but I was delighted to see Pearcey also address the Christian community; our own short comings, and, how we should be responding – from a loving, caring and compassionate position rather than one of condemnation. This is a poignant and timely admonition from Pearcey to the American Church and a word that is paramount if we ever hope to be the salt and the light of the world.

I am surprised by the scholarly support and endorsements, of those like, Robert P. George, of Princeton University, who calls this a “Terrific New Book.” The level of support Pearcey’s book received certainly leaves this as a resource to be considered and not overlooked. I believe “Love Thy Body” is a powerful primer on discerning the times, framing the issues at hand, and retrieving natural law as a first principle rather than a choice. Like I mentioned earlier, Postmodernism is a difficult philosophy to capture and explain in its fullness. Pearcey, in my opinion, not only puts her thumb on the problem within today’s culture but also makes its ideas accessible to the masses. Pearcey pulls no stops nor dances around any issues that currently are causing so much division and controversy. She cuts right to the truth of each mater and organizes her thoughts on these issues in ways that is thought provoking, alarming, and heart captivating and comprehensible. I only have one slight nuance with a comment George makes about “Love Thy Body.” He calls it, “A Terrific New Book.” While I do not disagree, necessarily, I do think “Love Thy Body” as a “Terrific new book” is an understatement. This book is a ringing alarm calling for change, a resource for generations to come, and a practical guide to “Loving Thy Body.” For that, I give Pearcey a five-star rating!


About the Author

Jason Kline is a regular contributor of Bellator He serves as a resident chaplain for Mountain Valley Hospice and Palliative Care of Southwest Virginia. Jason graduated with a Master of Divinity from Liberty University. It was also from Liberty University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business and Religion. Jason also received his Certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. He is a full member of the International Society of Christian Apologetics. Jason proudly served his country in the United States Air Force. His current research involves the soul and how the theology of the soul influences the counseling process.


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