Bellator Christi Guidelines

This website is designed to promote good, quality discussion.  Sometimes we will simply, as Greg Koukl would say, “put a stone in your shoe.” In other words, we want to get you thinking about the issues that truly matter.  However, we reserve the right to monitor and reject certain comments and replies.  Following the following guidelines will ensure that your comment and/or reply will make it on the website:

1.     Comments and/or replies must not be derogatory in nature.  Cursing and foul language will not be tolerated on this site.

2.     “Ad Hominem” (against the man) attacks will not be permitted.  “Ad hominem” attacks are posts that attack a person(s) instead of the arguments presented.

3.    Comments that change the direction of the topic at hand may not be published, unless the comment deals with the topic at hand in some fashion.

4.    Comments that seek to advertise certain products, with the exception of other blogging sites and/or websites that deal with the issues at hand, will not be allowed.

5.    Any comment that is discriminatory towards a person’s gender, socio-economic status, citizenship, IQ, or ethnicity will not be permitted.

6.     Comments that rehash previous statements may not be permitted unless something new or noteworthy is added.

7.     Comments that are only serve as a “one-upmanship” may or may not be permitted depending on the comment’s quality.

8.     Comments are evaluated individually, so there may be a gap of time between the comment and the publishing of the comment.

The host reserves the right to add and delete comments at the host’s own discretion with or without warning.  We certainly will allow comments and arguments that differ from ours as long as they are presented with class and integrity.


Pastor Brian Chilton

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